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Ways Your Pets Are Making Your Furniture Dirty

Posted on December 6, 2022

A furry friend is a lovely addition to a home, but they come with their own responsibilities. You must ensure your pet gets enough food, water, sleep, and entertainment. You also need to make sure your broader environment is clean. 

Pets like dogs and cats can carry a lot of germs, and you need to be extra careful that you don’t get those germs all over your North Hollywood house. You might need an upholstery cleaning service, but first you should understand the problems. 


Your pets will likely shed all over your home. Shedding is a natural part of being a mammal, but some species and breeds shed more than others. You can get brushes and hair removers to mitigate this shedding and prevent allergy symptoms.


Your pets can pick up fleas and other parasites from the outdoors and each other. These insects can live inside your carpet and other soft surfaces if you don’t take care of the problem immediately. This can lead to fleas infesting anyone that lives in your North Hollywood home.


Some dogs and cats can drool a lot. This saliva will sit inside your couches and carpets until it’s cleaned. Alongside being pretty gross, saliva can also potentially cause infections if ingested or after making contact with a cut or scrape.


Let’s face it – dogs and cats can pick up plenty of strange smells no matter what you do. Whether it’s some kind of body odor or they’ve been rolling around somewhere without you noticing, they’ve gotten some kind of stink. Now, the smell will rub off whenever they interact with your furniture.


If your pet is ever outdoors, they’ll track dirt from all over North Hollywood inside. This can be mud, grass, soil, or anything else that gets caked in their paws. This dirt can get deep inside your carpet and even stain things if you’re not careful.


Sometimes, your dog or cat isn’t fully housebroken. Or maybe your pets are getting old and can’t quite hold everything in all the time. They might just be having a bad stomach day. Whatever the case, you’ll often get urine, fecal matter, and vomit on your furniture when you have a pet.


Maybe your dog or cat just likes messing furniture up. Perhaps your cat isn’t very interested in the scratching post you bought, or maybe your dog thinks it can bury bones in your rug. Either way, animals can sometimes be destructive, as they generally don’t know any better.


If you have a cat, you know not to leave a glass of anything on a table around them. And maybe your dog is careless around your food and drinks. Pets tend to lead to more spilling accidents than otherwise would occur, and it’s something you need to be careful about if you have a pet.

What To Do About It

If your pet’s messes are getting out of control, simply call for upholstery cleaning to come in and deep-clean your furniture. A solid deep cleaning can remove grime that you can’t even see, leaving your home bacteria-free. A professional North Hollywood upholstery cleaner can get the job done right.

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