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Carpet Cleaning

Fresh carpet cleaning done right by trusted professionals in North Hollywood.

Carpet Cleaning in North Hollywood

Carpet Cleaning Service

Angel Carpet Cleaning in North Hollywood has all your carpet cleaning needs covered anywhere in the surrounding area. Your carpet stains are no match for us! Don’t spend another day with those gross stains. Instead, call us today and get your carpet cleaned at an affordable price.

Our expert technicians utilize professional expertise and effective tools to get your carpets as clean as they can. They know how to clean your carpet without damaging it. Thorough cleaning and years of providing a list of professional cleaning services combine to create a quality carpet cleaning experience for the people of North Hollywood.

About Carpet Steam Cleaning 

The best way to get your carpet clean is through the tried and true method of steam cleaning. This type of deep cleaning reaches deeper than any other, eliminating all of the invisible carpet soils that you don’t even know about lurking deep within your carpet. So how does it do this?

Steam cleaning machines blast hot water and chemicals all over the soils inside your carpet. The result is the dissolving and melting of impurities. Then the machine carries them to the surface, where they can be sucked up. This process handily takes care of most of the pests and bacteria lurking in your North Hollywood home or business.

Why Choose Steam Cleaning?

As stated before, steam cleaning is very effective. You’re not going to find a cleaning technique better than steam if you want your carpets as clean as possible. Nothing will get your space feeling fresher than North Hollywood carpet cleaning that uses this technique.

Steam cleaning also uses very few chemicals, relying mostly on the natural abilities of water. The chemicals present come in fairly small quantities and are only necessary for their extra push in some of the more resistant carpet soils, making it easier on people that might be susceptible to certain chemicals.

Carpet Dry Cleaning In North Hollywood

Dry cleaning is another option when it comes to deep carpet cleaning in North Hollywood. Even if it is not as effective as steam cleaning, it is still very effective in general and can act as a great alternative if, for whatever reason, your carpet cannot handle steam cleaning.

Dry cleaning involves scrubbing in chemicals, usually in the form of powder or shampoo, and letting the chemicals sit for a while. Using minimal moisture, they react with your carpet soils, dissolving and eliminating them. The chemicals and dissolved soils are then vacuumed up with a normal vacuum.

Why Choose Dry Carpet Cleaning?

While steam cleaning cleans deeper than dry cleaning, dry cleaning is much easier on carpets. If the carpets in your North Hollywood home or business are made of rayon, silk, or another fragile material, you can’t really get them steam cleaned safely and should instead opt for dry cleaning.

Dry cleaning also has a much faster drying time, as the name implies. It is a very bad idea to walk on your still wet carpet, as this can attract carpet soils pretty fast. You don’t need to wait as long if you opt for dry cleaning.

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