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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning that makes furniture fresh again in North Hollywood.

North Hollywood Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning Service

Angel Carpet Cleaning in North Hollywood can clean everything, from the fanciest lounge chair to the average couch. When it comes down to it, we can deal with any fabric upholstery you have. Our technicians can also push back the normal wear and tear of aging and help increase the longevity of your heirloom.

You do not want your beautiful upholstery to get worn down and drab over time. You need to get your often-used furniture deep cleaned once in a while. Our North Hollywood upholstery cleaning service can help you with that, so call us today!

What Happens To Upholstery When It’s Not Cleaned?

Most people do not think about getting their upholstery cleaned regularly. They figure it is fine, it is not like the upholstery is stained or anything. What is the worst that can be under there? Honestly, do you really need to get your upholstery cleaned regularly?

The truth is things are lurking in your upholstery that you cannot even see. Microscopic particles get caught in the fibers and diminish your air quality and the quality of your upholstery. Your home is made worse when you do not get North Hollywood upholstery cleaning.

Cleaning Food Materials

If you have eaten near your upholstery, food crumbs have been getting into the fabric. And if you have touched your upholstery without washing your hands, know that you are also tracking tiny particles you cannot see. And those particles do not go away, not even with vacuuming. They stick to the fibers and stay a while.

And as food particles sit in your upholstery, they are attracting some things you do not want. Dust mites are coming in and feeding off of the crumbs. Bacteria have a perfect environment to grow. Your North Hollywood home is slowly filling with nasty pests.

Cleaning Hard Materials

Any kind of walking outdoors is going to leave your shoes covered in microscopic pieces of sidewalk and pavement and other tiny rocks. Unless you take your shoes off before entering the house, your home will fill with these materials. And if you ever touch your shoes, you are getting it on your hands.

As these materials sink into your upholstery, they rub against the fibers and cause all kinds of wear and tear. As you use your upholstery, these materials are rubbed further inside, causing even more gradual abrasion.

Cleaning Oily Materials

While food comes from indoors and gritty particles come from outdoors, oil can come from all over. There is oil in the food you eat and the pavement you walk on. You are also going to naturally produce oil through your skin, as are any housemates or pets.

Out of all the possible harmful particles to get in your upholstery, this is the most unavoidable. Oil is absorbed by the fibers and, over time, causes a yellow film to form. This is why old upholstery becomes yellowed over time – someone did not get the oil cleaned off it often enough.


How is upholstery cleaned?

The best way to clean upholstery is through steam cleaning or dry cleaning. Our North Hollywood upholstery cleaning technicians can do a deep cleaning for you.

Does steam cleaning work on sofas?

Steam upholstery cleaning works on a large variety of surfaces, including sofas. Steam cleaning your sofa is a great way to get it clean, but it works best if the work is done by a North Hollywood upholstery cleaning company.

How long does it take for a steam-cleaned sofa to dry?

After steam upholstery cleaning your sofa, you should set aside 2-3 hours before using it again as it dries. Without a professional North Hollywood upholstery cleaning service, improper cleaning results in longer dry times.

How can a couch be cleaned without a steam cleaner?

If you do not have a steam cleaner, dry cleaning powders and shampoos are effective. You can also hire one of our North Hollywood upholstery cleaning technicians to steam clean your couch for you.

Are steam cleaners effective?

Steam cleaners are the most effective deep cleaning method out there. They can remove soils and grime that you cannot even see. But without a trained North Hollywood upholstery cleaning pro handling the machine, it may not be entirely effective.

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