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Rug Cleaning

Treating every rug in North Hollywood with professional care.

North Hollywood Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning Service

The process of rug cleaning in North Hollywood can vary greatly from rug to rug. But even the most ornate rug in the world needs to be cleaned. Angel Carpet Cleaning in North Hollywood knows how to get your rug as clean as possible without causing any damage.

Our North Hollywood cleaning services are almost always done on-site. With particularly fragile rugs, however, we do offer a pickup service. Certain rugs need special attention, and it is much better to get them cleaned in environments where they will get the care they deserve.

Normal Rug Cleaning In North Hollywood

Most rugs won’t need specialized cleaning to get their stains off. And in those instances, you’ll be able to choose between steam rug cleaning and dry rug cleaning. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, and both deep clean rugs effectively.

Whatever type of cleaning you choose, know that our North Hollywood rug cleaning pros bring the same amount of care and knowledge to each technique. And if you are not sure which type of cleaning would work best for your rug, just ask! Our technicians know what they are doing and are willing to help you out.

North Hollywood Steam Rug Cleaning

The process of steam cleaning involves a mixture of hot water and cleaning chemicals that react with the rug they are fired into. This mixture dissolves and destroys deep-set soils in your rug to get it cleaner than ever. Everything is then sucked back into the machine and left to dry for a few hours.

Steam rug cleaning uses very few chemicals and cleans better than any other cleaning technique available. It is not always ideal, though, because it takes several hours to dry and can be pretty rough on more fragile rugs. Steam may not be right for your North Hollywood rug cleaning.

Dry Rug Cleaning In North Hollywood

The process of dry cleaning involves scrubbing chemicals directly into the fibers of your rug and letting them sit for a while. Over time, they will react with the soils in your carpet, eliminating them once and for all. After being left to sit for a little bit, everything is vacuumed up. Your North Hollywood home or place of business will be left cleaner than before.

Dry cleaning has a much faster dry time than steam cleaning and is easier on rugs that can’t handle a vigorous cleaning. It does not clean as deeply as steam cleaning and uses far more chemicals.

Delicate Rug Cleaning In North Hollywood

If you have a particularly fragile ornate rug, it might not be able to handle either of these methods of cleaning. It is possible that your rug will have to be taken off-site to be cleaned in a specialized facility where it will get the right amount of attention and care.

Whatever rug you have, our North Hollywood technicians know how to best handle it without causing damage. Contact us today and get your rug professionally cleaned by a team of people that have years of experience and all of the know-how necessary to get that tough grime out.


What is the best way to clean a rug?

It depends on what your rug can handle. If it is a sturdy rug, steam cleaning works best. If it is not, dry cleaning might be better. And very particularly fragile rugs must have their specialized cleaning. At the end of the day, the best way to clean a rug is with a North Hollywood rug cleaning service.

Is steam cleaning an area rug a good idea?

Steam cleaning is a great way to clean an area rug. It is an effective deep cleaning method overall and works great on any fabric surface. This is the chosen method for pro rug cleaning services in North Hollywood.

Can an area rug on a hardwood floor be shampooed?

You can shampoo an area rug over a hardwood floor as long as you do not use too much shampoo and waterlog the rug in the process. Our North Hollywood rug cleaning technicians can help you with that.

Is it possible to steam clean wool rugs?

Wool can be steam cleaned without getting damaged. That being said, you can ask one of our North Hollywood technicians if they think your particular rug can handle a steam cleaning.

Should rugs be shampooed often?

Rugs should be deep cleaned at least once a year. You can go for twice a year if your rug gets dirty easily or is in a high trafficked area.

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