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Mistakes To Avoid When Steam Cleaning

Posted on November 1, 2022

Steam cleaning is the best way to get the carpets in your North Hollywood home cleaned. It’s able to remove deeper carpet soils than any other cleaning method. That said, mistakes are easy to make while trying to steam your carpets. Here are some of the most common steam cleaning mistakes.

Not Testing A Product Beforehand

Sometimes people forget to test a cleaning product on a small part of the carpet before using it. Not all cleaning products work on all surfaces. You can accidentally damage your home’s carpet if you use the wrong cleaning product. Always ensure the chemicals you put in your steam cleaning machine aren’t too hazardous. And know that any North Hollywood carpet cleaning service worth its salt has tested their products vigorously.

Using A Product That Is Not Strong Enough

While you should always be wary of potential damage, you could also accidentally use a cleaning product that’s not strong enough. You might have passed the spot test, but notice many of the original stains are still present after the cleaning.

Leaving Product Residue

After you’ve finished cleaning, you might notice there’s still a lot of residues left over. If this happens, you didn’t run the steamer on the carpet long enough to clean up the residue. This residue is sticky and great at attracting dirt, often leaving your carpets dirtier than before.

Leaving Too Much Water

You need to be careful about how much water gets in your carpet. Always give your carpet plenty of time and room to dry. Try opening windows and doors and running fans if you feel it’s necessary. If the carpet doesn’t dry, you could create a mold problem.

Not Vacuuming Beforehand

You should always vacuum beforehand when steam cleaning your carpet. This brings more grime to the top, so it can be eliminated more easily by the steam cleaning machine. If you don’t vacuum, you might not get all the soils in your carpet after steam cleaning.

Cleaning The Wrong Surface

Not every surface was made to handle steam cleaning. Some carpets will have dyes and colors run after consuming excess moisture, while others will shed fibers and become damaged. Double-check that your carpet can handle steam cleaning machines.

Hitting Your Furniture

You should leave room for the steam cleaning machine to work across the entire carpet. Ensure all of your North Hollywood home’s furniture is out of the way and not covering any surfaces you need to clean. Make sure you don’t get your furniture too wet by accident in the cleaning process. 

Hitting Electronics

Electronics can’t handle water, so make sure there’s nothing electric near your steam cleaning machine. And never clean electronic appliances with steam cleaning machines, as you can cause them to short-circuit.

Trusting An Amateur

If you want to clean your carpet with a steam cleaning machine, hire a North Hollywood professional. It’s much better if someone with years of experience operates these machines rather than someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Trust a nearby North Hollywood professional cleaner to get your carpets cleaned with these complex machines before trying to do it yourself.

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