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Is Bleach Safe For Cleaning?

Posted on February 7, 2023

Bleach is one of the most common cleaning agents used by consumers all over North Hollywood. But it has plenty of drawbacks that leave people questioning its benefits. Is bleach actually such a great cleaner? And how do you weigh the risks it can bring?

In general, the thing to remember is that bleach is harmful. This means that it can kill bacteria better than almost anything else, but it’s also very destructive in other ways. It removes dyes from things, of course, but it can also altogether destroy certain surfaces. And you can probably tell how bad it is for your body just by smelling its fumes.

There are places where it’s appropriate to use bleach and where it isn’t. Overall, though, bleach almost always has a better alternative available. Here’s an overview of when and how to use bleach, as well as other ways to clean.

When Do You Use Bleach?

Bleach is a fantastic disinfectant, as it kills both germs and mold spores. If something microscopic can harm your health, throwing bleach at it should solve the problem.

It’s actually better at killing bacteria when it’s diluted than straight out of the jug. One part bleach to nine parts water is the rule-of-thumb to go off of whenever using bleach to clean anything. But be sure to use your bleach solution fast – it becomes less effective after a few days.

Speaking of less effective, make sure to use your North Hollywood home’s bleach supply within six months of purchasing it, or else it won’t work as well. After those first six months, bleach becomes 20 percent less effective each year.

What Safety Precautions Do You Need?

Never mix bleach and ammonia. Most people know this, but did you know that you shouldn’t use bleach to clean up a urine stain, as it contains trace amounts of ammonia?

Don’t mix bleach with any vinegar. Like ammonia, this is another common ingredient in cleaning supplies. If you use more than one cleaning chemical for something, be careful that your bleach and vinegar never touch.

Never leave the bleach on a metal surface for long periods, as it’ll corrode. If you clean a metal surface with bleach, wipe it down with water afterward.

Always wear a mask and rubber gloves when handling bleach. It can burn your skin and lungs.

What Are Good Alternatives To Bleach?

While bleach makes a powerful disinfectant, you don’t actually need it to kill germs. Plenty of perfectly valid substitutes for bleach don’t come with all of the same health hazards.

Vinegar is much safer for your health and works effectively as a disinfectant. You should still keep it far away from ammonia, though. And it’s definitely similarly corrosive on some surfaces.

If you need to use the brightening power of bleach, baking soda can also brighten white fabrics. Baking soda is non-toxic, so it’s much better for your health than basically any other cleaner. It’s not as good at fighting bacteria, though.

North Hollywood steam cleaning services can kill bacteria, mold spores, and pests without harming your health. It can be rough on certain fragile surfaces, but it’s an effective bleach alternative for anything that can handle it. It kills microbes mainly through heat and pressure rather than volatile chemicals. Call a North Hollywood cleaner today if you need an effective steam cleaning.

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