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How To Remove Stains From Tile

Posted on March 29, 2022

Tiles are a great floor surface because they’re inherently easy to clean. They’re perfect for bathrooms and kitchens because you can spill all kinds of things on them without much of a problem.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, as you’ve probably discovered. So your tile now has a stain on it, and you can’t seem to get it off. Now what?

There are a few things to try if you want to know how to remove stains from tile:

  1. Kitchen Pantry Cleaning Supplies
  2. Easier Cleaning Supplies
  3. Stronger Cleaning Supplies
  4. Steam Cleaning

Kitchen Pantry Cleaning Supplies

When trying to figure out how to remove a stain from your tile, there are a few things you might have in your kitchen that you can quickly grab.

Club soda is pretty decent at stain removal. Carbonation can disrupt fat, grease, and sugar stains better than flat water.

Scrubbing baking soda into a stain can be very effective. Try mixing 3-parts baking soda with 1-part something else, like water, vinegar, or diluted bleach.

Speaking of vinegar… Strong vinegars, like white vinegar, are known for their cleaning properties.

A small amount of cooking oil can sometimes help remove stains. Dab a bit on with a cloth.

Easier Cleaning Supplies

Mixing a commercial detergent with water can get rid of tile stains effectively. Use a mild detergent and mix it with warm water to prevent abrasion.

And, of course, scouring powders can also be effective on stains. These were made for hard surfaces like tile, after all. They were probably one of the first things to come to mind when you wondered how to remove stains from tile.

Be careful because these can react with other cleaning products, so make sure you clean your tiles entirely before applying scouring powder. Be sure to clean them off completely afterward.

Look into other commercial stain removers. Many of these were made for carpet surfaces rather than tile, but they can be effective too.

Stronger Cleaning Supplies

Now we can look at the more robust stuff.

Bleach is probably the most classic cleaning material. Make sure you dilute it in water – 1 part bleach to 10 parts water. Ensure that you clean all of it before applying other chemicals as well. Wear gloves while cleaning.

A similar material is hydrogen peroxide. Be careful with this one too, and generally only use a small amount of it. It’s corrosive, so use gloves when handling, much like diluted bleach.

If you have some chlorine, this can be a solid cleaning choice. Once again, gloves are vital. Basically, if you want to know how to remove stains from tile with these strong substances, you also need to understand proper safety precautions.

Steam Cleaning

Finally, a good steam cleaning should destroy any tile stains you have.

Steam cleaning uses water and safe cleaning chemicals along with the strength of a steam cleaning machine to eliminate stains and deep clean surfaces.

You can rent a steam cleaning machine from a grocery store or hardware store, or you can hire a professional carpet cleaner. Note that some of these rental machines can be both difficult to use and worn down and crummy. Professional cleaners in North Hollywood, on the other hand, have the proper knowledge and skill, and they know how to remove stains from tile.


If you want to know how to remove a stain from your tile, you can try out a few things. Most of them use the usual cleaning materials that you’d expect.

You can try safer kitchen supplies like vinegar and baking soda, usual cleaning supplies like scouring powder and detergent, or even tricky supplies like hydrogen peroxide or chlorine. Or, you can contact us to have your tile steam cleaned instead.

Different stains have different requirements. And trying all of these options might ultimately be necessary. Regardless, one of these will most likely work.

Whatever route you take, you should eventually have a stain-free tile surface.

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