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How To Eliminate Household Bacteria

Posted on January 3, 2023

Bacteria – it’s a fact of life. We’re surrounded by it and full of it at all times. Not all bacteria are harmful, but the bad ones can be very harmful. Sometimes, you’ll need to sanitize your entire North Hollywood home.

Here’s a guide to getting rid of as much bacteria as possible. You don’t need to take all these steps regularly, but keeping track of what you need to do is a good idea. And if you need any further help, call for cleaning.

Take out your garbage

This is an easy and obvious first step. As you can imagine, your garbage is swimming with bacteria that you don’t need in your life. Take it out whenever it gets too full.

Soap hard surfaces

Whenever a surface in your home gets dirty, and even whenever you have visitors, get some soap and water and scrub the used surfaces. You can do this on an as-needed basis. Germs may be microscopic, but if you can’t see any mess, there’s probably nothing to worry about. At the very least, it’s nothing that a quick soaping won’t solve.

Use laundry detergent

Many laundry detergent brands are great at eliminating the bacteria in your fabrics. And the heat from the wash works well against microbes. You can even wash a sick person’s clothes with your own clothes and be fine.

Wash your clothes after wearing them, of course. But also wash your sheets weekly. It’s also recommended that you wash your towels after three uses. Detergent is good for carpet cleaning, and other fabric services that cannot be thrown in the washing machine.

Wipe your electronics

You touch your electronics regularly, so you don’t need to worry too much about the microbiome, as it’s likely from your own skin. But if your electronics are getting grimy, you can often wipe them down with something. However, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to understand how to clean any given electronic item.

Load the dishwasher

Food is a common place for bacteria to grow, as you can imagine. That’s why it’s important to wash with good dishwasher soap before you use plates, utensils, and bowls again.

You can also load many nonporous objects into your North Hollywood home’s dishwasher if they’ve started to get dirty. Of course, check if any given item is dishwasher safe, but remember that you’re not stuck with just dishes.

Steam everything

You should hire a professional North Hollywood steam cleaning service at least once a year. Steam eliminates bacteria just as well as soap does. You can steam clean carpets alongside upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning, and tile cleaning.

Hiring Angel Carpet Cleaning in North Hollywood is also a great way to increase the longevity of these items. You’ll eliminate dangerous soils alongside the bacteria.

Bleach what you can

Finally, use bleach if possible. Bleach is powerful and can eliminate more than bacteria, even damaging surfaces if you’re not careful. Always dilute bleach in water first and test it on inconspicuous parts of objects before using it.

Bleach is a good idea if you’re starting to get a mold problem or have some other infestation that doesn’t go away. It’s a great last resort to truly eliminate problems, even if you need to take many safety precautions.

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